Quilts of Valor
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 Quilts of Valor presentation from 2014 and the 2015 (Southeast Missourian article), 2017 and 2018 presentations

List of Veterans Honored by RHQG, the Year Quilt of Valor Given, (the maker when known)

Ronald Abernathy, 2019 - US Army, (Karla Kiefner)
Bill Adams, 2019 - US Army and Missouri National Guard, (Linda Whitener)
George L. Amick, 2016

Kenneth Bender, 2020, Army Air Corps - presented by Nancy Buchanan
Melba Cox Bernhardt, 2021, US Army (Womens Army Corps), (Nancy Kester)
Duane Bierstedt, 2018 - US Marines (Debbie Morris)
Joe Bishop, 2017, US Navy (Nancy Bishop)
Daniel Bollinger, 2017, US Air Force (Mary Trip)
LR Brandes, 2021, US Marines, quilt made by Lynnore Meyer
Victor Breite, 2016
Joseph Brown, 2018 - US Air Force (Ellis Brown, Nancy Bishop)
Linda Byerley, 2021, US Army (Womens Army Corps), (members of River Heritage Quilt Guild)

David Cantrell, 2021, US Navy, (Deborah Denton Hall)
William Colman, 2018 - US Navy (Joycelyn Kasten)
Danny Conrad, 2019 - US Air Force, (Rosie Conrad)
Larry Corn, 2018 - US Army (Nancy Kester)
Terry Crowell, 2018 - US Air Force ( Barb Narsh)

Larry Davie, 2017 US Army (Angie Davie)
Nathan Davie, 2018 - U.S. Army (Angie Davie)
Christine Dickman, 2019 - U.S. Navy, (Janet Stovall and Darlene Strand)
Joseph Dittmaier, 2018 - U.S. Army (Barb Egbert)
John Dragoni, Sr., 2016

Matthew James Egbert, 2020, US Marine Corps, and Flumeencio Dixon “Dee” Brinkley, U.S. Army, (Barb Egbert)

Don Eggley, 2021, US Navy, Army National Guard, US Air Force, (Jewel Eggley)
Bob Eisenhower, 2020, US Navy - presented by Chris Ludwig

Linzel Fulton, 2019 - US Air Force, (Nancy Kester)

Darryl Gallaher, 2015
Johnny Gast of Jackson, 2014
Dennis Grass, 2016
Leon Grass, 2018 - U.S. Navy (Mary Green)

Dean Hagler, 2018 - US Army (Delois Jackson)
Richard Hengst, 2020, US Air Force, Naval Seabees - Presented by Judy Douglass and Barb Narsh
Andrew Hill, 2018, U.S. Navy (Donna Irwin)
Dave Hitt, 2021, US Army, (Linda Gast)

Calvin Jackson, 2018 - US Marines (Delois Jackson)
Harold Jackson, 2018 - U.S. Navy (Delois Jackson)
Jerome Jelen, 2020, U.S. Army - presented by Debbie Morris

Dennis Kilmer, 2019 - US Navy, (Debbie Morris)
Shane Kirby, 2018 - US Army (Priscilla Kirby)
Victor Kirby, 2016
Lester Koelling, 2016

Ricky LaFont, 2019 - U.S. Army, (Ravan Simms)
Henry Adam Leech, 2019 - US Air Force, (Pat Leech)
Walter Alan Leech, Jr., 2016
John Leibel, 2018 - U.S. Army (Delois Jackson)
James Lunsford, 2020, US Marines - presented by Nancy Kester

Greg Maassen, 2021, US Army, (Christine Childers)
Larry Martin, 2021, US Air Force, (Harriet Martin)
Martie Martin,  2015
John C. McHughes, 2017, US Navy (Deb Morris)
Edgar Meyers, 2017 Air Force (Pat Leech)
Bobby G. Myers, 2021, US Army, (Debbie Morris)

Terry A. Leech Sr., 2020, US Army - presented by Pat Leech
Dr. Ron Lessman,  2015
John Leibel, 2018 - U.S. Army (Delois Jackson)

David Meyer, 2017, US Marine Corps (Karla Kiefner)

Jeff Oliver, 2016

Kyndel Page, 2019- US Marines, (Donna Irwin)
Steve Payne, 2018 - U.S. Navy (Marla Moore, Jo Payne)
Wayne Pressley, 2016
William Prost, 2020, US Navy - presented by Jeanette Buchheit

Kenneth Rushton of Poplar Bluff, 2014

John Wilfrid Seitz, 2017, US Navy (Christine Chidlres)
Robert D. Sides, 2017, US Army (DeLois Jackson)
Joseph Simmons, 2018 - U.S. Army (Sharon Hart)
Terry Simms, 2014
Gary L. Smee, 2020, US Air Force - presented by Lois Smee
Robbie Stagner, 2015
Danny Stitz, 2017, US Marines, US Navy REservist (Nancy Kester)
Howard Suedmeyer, 2021, US Army, (Linda Gast)
Sherman Swan, 2017, US Army, US National Guard (DeLois Jackson)

Howard Thomas, 2017,WWII US Army Tank Crew, Omaha Beach (Linda Tansil)
Lawrence Tucker of Jackson, 2014

Robert Wentz, 2018 - U.S. Navy (Barb Egbert)
Thomas Wentz, 2017, US Navy, (Barb Egbert)
Ray Wilhelm, 2017, US Air Force (Sandy Wilhelm)
Brian Williams, 2021, US Navy, (Carol Gallaher)
Delbert Williams, 2018 - US Marines (Delois Jackson)
Robert Wills of St. Louis , 2014
Tom Wolfe,  2015


Quilts of Valor Veterans of 2017
Back Row, left to right: John C. McHughes - US Navy, (Deb Morris); Larry Davie - U.S. Army, (Angie Davie); Joe Bishop - US Navy, (Nancy Bishop); Daniel Bollinger - US Air Force, (Mary Tripp)
Seated left to right: Ray Wilhelm - US Air Force, (Sandy Wilhelm); Edgar Myers - US Air Force,(Pat Leech); Howard Thomas - WWII US Army Tank Crew,
Omaha Beach, (Linda Tansil); Danny Stitz - US Marines, US Navy Reservist, (Nancy Kester); Thomas Wentz - US Navy, (Barb Egbert)
Four not present: Robert D. Sides - US Army, (Delois Jackson), Sherman Swan - US Army, US National Guard, (DeLois Jackson), John Wilfrid Seitz - US Navy, (Christine Childers), David Meyer - US Marine Corps, (Karla Kiefner)


Quilts of Valor, 2018
The list of names does not match the order in the picture.
Duane Bierstedt - US Marines (Debbie Morris)
Joseph Brown- US Air Force (Ellis Brown, Nancy Bishop)
Larry Corn - US Army (Nancy Kester)
Terry Crowell - US Air Force ( Barb Narsh)
Nathan Davie - U.S. Army (Angie Davie)
Joseph Dittmaier - U.S. Army (Barb Egbert)
Leon Grass - U.S. Navy (Mary Green)
Shane Kirby - US Army (Priscilla Kirby)
Andrew Hill - U.S. Navy (Donna Irwin)
Calvin Jackson - US Marines (Delois Jackson)
Harold Jackson - U.S. Navy (Delois Jackson)
John Leibel - U.S. Army (Delois Jackson)
Timothy Malmin - U.S. Army (Angie Davie)
Steve Payne - U.S. Navy (Marla Moore, Jo Payne)
Joseph Simmons - U.S. Army (Sharon Hart)
Robert Wentz - U.S. Navy (Barb Egbert)
Delbert Williams - US Marines (Delois Jackson)
William Colman - US Navy (Joycelyn Kasten)
Dean Hagler - US Army (Delois Jackson)

veterans2019 veterans2019 choir2019
Ronald Abernathy - US Army, (Karla Kiefner)
Bill Adams - US Army and Missouri National Guard, (Linda Whitener)
Danny Conrad - US Air Force, (Rosie Conrad)
Christine Dickman - U.S. Navy, (Janet Stovall and Darlene Strand)
Linzel Fulton - US Air Force, (Nancy Kester)
Dennis Kilmer - US Navy, (Debbie Morris)
Ricky LaFont - U.S. Army, (Ravan Simms)
Henry Adam Leech - US Air Force, (Pat Leech)
Kyndel Page - US Marines, (Donna Irwin)

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